New Video Released!

So happy to have finally finished and released our own video! It’s up on our homepage for those who haven’t seen it yet.

We’ve had a really busy year and the gig where we filmed the video was slap bang in the middle of 10 days of straight gigs for some of us! We’re hugely thankful to Jamie and Philippa who let us bring our videographer to the evening reception of their close family wedding. They did a routined first dance to some Ray Charles and were really great guys.

We managed to get the interview bits done in the small gap between the soundcheck and our first set! This was a lot harder than it looks, there must be hundreds of outakes of us saying the wrong things and cracking up and it was pretty cold sat there!

The whole video was shot and made by independent filmmaker, Stuart Millership. He’s got some great skills and cut to our audio perfectly. He does shoot for lots of different events, including weddings so definitely drop him a line if you’re looking for a videographer.

Of course the video doesn’t capture everything we do as this was just one family wedding of the many events we do throughout the year. Everyone had an awesome time and we hope you enjoy the video!