12/09/15 – Mike Stiles, Birthday party, Lancashire

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‘I first experienced House of Chords as a guest at a wedding in December 2014. They were the best live party band my family and friends had ever seen. With the responsibility of organising a joint 21st and 50th celebration,  the band were at the top of our list to ensure a good time would be had by all. Again, what a night! They surpassed what were already very high expectations. These gifted guys are accomplished musicians with superb technical ability topped by pitch perfect and distinctive vocals from the lead singer. Whilst genuine masters of their artistic craft, they lack any ego and their primary purpose as entertainers is to make sure everyone has a fun and fabulous time. Words can’t do justice to the hugely positive  feedback we received from our guests.

Hiring a band from cold can feel like a real gamble but I can assure you these guys deliver and then some. They have an extensive, popular and eclectic repertoire and can improvise and specialise whatever you want as well as adapting to the vibe and tempo in the room. The dance floor was packed from start to finish with the guests pleading for encores. They are genuinely nice guys and they fully get it’s your night not theirs  – although it’s clear they really enjoy playing and entertaining. This genuine enthusiasm quickly becomes infectious around the room.

The band are highly professional and from the moment you make contact with the lead guitarist, Mike McLeish, you feel reassured that you will be in safe hands. A very personable guy, he’s happy to talk it through with you, makes sure the band will deliver exactly what you want and can offer helpful advice and insight to make it the best night ever. Also for our party these talented musicians take their role as entertainers seriously and they still arrived in good time to set up despite horrendous traffic problems on that day. They appreciate how important the success of your party is to you.

I don’t ever write reviews but felt compelled to do so because if you are like me, you might just need a second or even a third opinion and some reassurance when planning such a celebration. I can’t say it enough -you will have a great time if you book these guys.’

Mike Stiles

Manchester, Sept 12th 2015

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