5 Wedding Entertainment Ideas

One of the best ways to get ideas for weddings is to go to a few! So when you go to weddings all year round like we do then you pick up some pretty good ideas for wedding entertainment. As with all blog articles on our site, the aim is to be as helpful for you as possible, sharing our experience of wedding entertainment ideas.

1. Get in the shots

Unless you renew your vows, this wedding will only happen once and so getting a lot of photos and videos is usually pretty high up on the list! But unlike the weddings of old, this doesn’t have
Live Wedding Band to involve lots of waiting around standing still with a fake pose. This can be fun and entertaining for everyone. Both photo booths and video booths are a really fun way to get guests involved in the day. However, this doesn’t have to be an expensive booth that is only there for a limited amount of time. There are some great DIY opportunities for creating your own DIY photo booth space (see Pinterest!) and sometimes a photographer will have great ideas for this too. Similarly, just having Polaroid cameras available also works really well!

If none of the above is right for you then one final really good option is to make a point to your guests to take photos and videos across the whole night and upload them into one space. “WedPics” is a really good app for this.

2. A bite to eatWedding Entertainment Ideas
You might think it’s an odd choice for a list of ‘wedding entertainment ideas’ but the food can in itself be the most entertaining part of a day. Obviously it depends on the policy of a venue but it’s worth looking into being able to have food that suits you as people and that is fun.

You also don’t have to search in the classic places for food based wedding entertainment, Birmingham for example has a brilliant culture for food vans with Digbeth Dining Club and I’m sure if you just head down there and chat with suppliers one Friday that they’d love to be involved in your wedding!

There are so many options from pizza ovens and burrito vans to south Indian dosa makers! Take for example a mobile pizza oven company; just the idea of choosing your own toppings and making your own pizza is a fun way to do things! It could be a feature in between other stuff in the night, or you can give your evening the classic ‘night out’ touch where the food comes out when the music is over. It could create that brilliant moment when everybody tipsily declares how much they bloody love each other and how great the day was whilst tucking into a giant burger!

3. Games for the kids
If there will be kids at the wedding they will probably have one of the most memorable days of their young lives with all the different stuff going on, but it’s fair to say they’ll probably also find some of the day confusing and genuinely not very interesting! A good way to keep them interested is to create activities just for them. We’ve seen, treasure hunts, fun colouring in and puzzles as well as outdoor activities like a bouncy castle – this can be a bit of a gamble as an idea for wedding entertainment in the UK however with standard British weather!

Another frequent iWedding Entertainmentdea is to have a sweet shop. It may not seem like much, but for some kids a sweet shop can be a brilliant space for them to play as they act as shopkeeper, selling sweets to your guests in exchange for toy money!

4. Games for the adults

 Games as wedding entertainment don’t have to be limited to just kids! They can come in many forms and we’ve seen a few brilliant ones! There are some good more active games froWedding Entertainmentm ‘doing the limbo’ on the dance floor to table football and air hockey. Or if you’re the less active type, board games like Cards Against Humanity can go down a storm amongst adult guests whilst the band setup! Finally, if you’re a complete lover of video games then a console setup in the corner with FIFA or similar is bound to attract a crowd!

5. Get the gig experience
Biased we know, but the final one has to be live music! The majority of couples who book us always say that the wedding music is the biggest thing for them! Just getting up and dancing is the way most people deep down really want to celebrate and enjoy themselves. We’re passionate about what we do as a wedding band and we love the fact that music really does bring people together. The atmosphere on the night along with the reviews cawedding bandn often be one of the biggest rewards for us!

In our experience, the role live music can play is probably no better summed up than by Anastasia and Mark-Anthony, a couple we played for back in September 2015,

“I thought having a tasty cake, a beautiful dress or good weather will be a deal breaker but now I cannot imagine our wedding without you [the band].”

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