19/11/16 – Stan Bowley Trust Sparkling Champagne Ball, Staffordshire

House of Chords Live Band
A huge thank you to you all for the performance and way you conducted yourselves throughout the day. Too many of the artists I have encountered over the years are so full of their own importance I wouldn’t give them a second look, regardless of their supposed status. So it is very much appreciated and acknowledged that there are some genuinely nice and friendly people out there who are also talented. I have spoken to numerous guests and Trustees since the ball, and no-one has anything negative to say about you guys…again!

The event is successful down to teamwork and you guys have certainly been a massive part of that team for two years. Once again I was staggered that from 30 seconds in to your two hour plus set the dance floor was heaving and most definitely bouncing. A personal thank you from me and from all at the Stan Bowley Trust and any future bookings you have or have yet to be confirmed are in for a treat….

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